Friday, April 07, 2006

On Holiday

We are enjoying our time away in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

No phones, no Internet, no noise.

It is beautiful.

We are having a lot of fun remembering how nice it is to just be together enjoying living life next to each other again. Heath was the first one to say it is like he can breath again. That is exactly how it feels for both of us; we can relax and rest and breath again.

Today, I have some time at a cafe at the bottom of Panorama Mountain Village. I will see what kind of updates and photos I can post between watching the skiers (I just saw a couple get on the lift in a suit and a long pink dress) so check previous dates for a quick catch up.

Heath is skiing one last time before we leave this beautiful country and head down to Seattle for a few days and then back home. It has rained the past couple days so the bottom of the ski area (beginner trails) is all slush and ice; up at the top (black diamond/advanced trails) they received about 5 inches of powder. So I don't mind taking a day off to let Heath have a whole day to go to the top and get his extreme sport fill.