Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Going ALL IN

We got some more devastating news and shortly after, I came across this article "Going ALL IN". Wow, is it ever OHH so timely!

We are not leaving the area (PCSing), but we are moving again. Our landlords want their cute quaint house back. :(  So, although we have only lived here a year, we have planted our roots and made this home. And in this house I feel as if we have lived 10 years worth in one. It has been a hard but full, heart wrenching but also a time full of hope, it has also been a time of sifting, refining. pruning and growth. So, again, we pack up our home, our memories, our hearts and head in a new direction. (Thankfully only 15 minutes North of our darling neighbors who have become the family we always collect along the way. And about 30 minutes away from the core of my wonderful MOM's Club blessings and Onalee's friends.) So, again as we sort, pack and leave things behind (I'll quote the author)…

"We are leaving chunks of a life lived wholeheartedly in this place.  Because there is no other way to live but ALL IN.  You can dig up and replant. You can let go and still take with you a piece of what you had. Because living ALL IN is not just about the letting go of, but also the reward you have when you plant both feet firmly on the new soil you call home.  Dig in deep and plant strong roots; live loudly and engage community; make best friends, plant wild flowers and paint walls bright colors.  Your friendships will be richer, your days brighter, and your heartbeat stronger when you live life ALL IN." 

-With my love, and adventure buddy Heath Wilhoit

My close friend Jen has walked with me through life the past 16 years of highs and lows and shared this message with her friends.  Here are her sweet words and blessing to us on this next step of our journey.

This is my dear friend Rhianon Wilhoit, whose friendship has been woven so deeply into so many seasons of my life.

Rhianon, your heartbeat for "Going All In" is what instantaneously connected us from the start and is the very thing that has drawn us so close through so many seasons of life and so many miles of globe. Your heart, thoughts, and transparency here as well as the words of another are so beautifully and vulnerably put that it stands worthy of repeating. Your words offer truth that may resonate with many... 

Rhianon, I (we) count it as a great honor to have been "collected as family" along the way by you (and yours). You get it. You wrestle well. You love deeply. You sink your roots down deep and flourish. And... you ARE the friend with whom I painted the brightest wall in my home.

You are beautiful. Be beautiful; stand firmly planted wherever you go and on whatever soil that God has placed you until our roots can tangle in more local soil together. Put down roots firmly planted in a foundation of truth. Shine, and grow and love deeply. It is who you are; it is who God created you to be.

And now May The Lord Bless you and Keep You and May He make His Face Shine Upon You and May He Grant You Peace as you Go...All In.
I love you. We love you.

Going ALL IN:


May 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Our New Home in Maryland

Our super cute home! We love it here, but we are still working on feeling settled. It seems to be a constant work in progress, moving things from one place to the next, finding a place for our things. Here are a few before and after photos for those of you asking. We really really love how cozy it is here and it is starting to feel a little like home. The yard is also amazing!

Our New Home... Hello DC

We made it to Maryland and with some amazing helpers (our parents) we were able to give a lot of our home a facelift and a good cleaning. It is taking quite a while to feel settled but we are working hard to overcome all the hurdles! Onalee has been such a trooper and a HUGE blessing through all of this, she sure keeps us laughing!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Arrival of Onalee Velma Marie!

Friday, February 3rd (our due date) labor begins..

We planned a home birth and it was wonderful to labor in the comfort and peace of our home.

The birth kit and birth tub were set up and ready to go. I labored at home for 66 hours before my birthteam made the decision (I was too exhausted to) to transfer me to hospital... Thankfully my midwife knew a doctor who would come in to help me finish out the birth I desired (whereas all other docs would just prep an operating room)

After 8 hours in the hospital... 5 hours with an epidural so that I could rest and regain strength, I was put on pitocin towards the end to make my contractions stronger and more regular... with these interventions I was able to, after 15 minutes and 3 pushes, (74 hours total) deliver my beautiful baby GIRL!!! 

Heath Wilhoit was an amazing support throughout the whole process and after 74 hours of labor, ended a very proud Papa! 

May we proudly introduce Onalee Velma Marie. Born February 6th at 6:12pm, 7lbs. 13oz. 20in. Her heart rate was strong throughout the entire labor, not even wavering through the birth canal... she is a tough little cookie! 

Onalee Velma Marie. Onalee is a name that I have LOVED since middle school along with the woman who wore it so beautifully, my art teacher. She was always so full of love. She not only noticed my talent but drew it out and encouraged me. She is the one who inspired me to pursue art AND teaching AND that awkward, often floundering and challenging middle school age. I went on to student teach with Onalee and was able to reconnect with her a week before little Onalee arrived. LOVE them both! 

Velma. Her first middle name is after my fathers mother, my beautiful grandmother, Velma Jean Chase Miller! A woman so full of love who gracefully opened her heart and her hands to love anyone and everyone who stepped foot in her home. (Onalee and I both have the long slender hands like our "great"-grandmother and hopefully the hearts to match hers as well!) Onalee Velma's beautiful arrival happened to be on Velma Jean and Arts wedding anniversary. heart emoticon

Marie. Marie is my and my mothers middle name. What was I thinking?! Hehe, she seems to be "full of it" too so far. grin emoticon ... Ohhh, my mom just shared with me where we got our middle names! Her fathers mothers name was Pearl Marie Antoinette... Oh, I love it!!!! Names passed down from both the Miller and Thill side!

Home sweet home! On the drive home Heath was experiencing terrible stomach pains... My mom drove him straight to the Naval Hospital ER for an appendectomy. So our first night home he had to stay the night in recovery.

All three of us, home together at last! (With Nana!)


We are so thankful that Mom and Zoey were both here so they could split up their care taking skills amongst the 3 of us. Tanta Zoey fed and loved on both baby and Mama, while Nana stayed at the hospital through Papa's surgery.  Celebrating our first day all together... a wonderful end to the week.

February 11, 2012

The Joy of GROWING!

The day we found out our lives were about to be filled with an unimaginable great joy, Heath had just gotten out of his wheelchair and was using crutches (woohoo for both of us!) Well, what is a guy to do with two broken heals, bursting with excitement, when the typical thing to do is jump up and down in excitement?... I'm so glad you asked, because he did what any overjoyed man would do... flop around on the bed like a fish out of water, while squealing with joy of course! 
It was a beautiful memory forever ingrained in my mind. 

And pregnancy, oh the magical time of sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and growing A LOT! I was in heaven, and it was oh so surreal to be growing a little human being!

You gotta love the belly shots, well I do, no that is an understatement, I adore them!  Lookout if it weirds you out, I'm gonna be cooing over your baby bump too!  It is such a short season of time that these precious little miracles are growing, being nurtured and preparing for life on the outside of their mama's belly.

Belly Shots


She's Here!