Sunday, September 13, 2009

Typhoon Choi-Wan (15W)

The typhoon is headed for just north of one of our neighbor islands, Saipan. We have power and currently sunshine, but expect to get a lot of rain and wind. Thanks for tuning in. You can keep on storm watch here.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tropical Storm Headed Right For Us

I know it has been forever since I have posted... Power is out island-wide, I am with Heath at the Naval Hospital, (running on generators) they restrict which sites we can access (no personal email, facebook, etc.) so I will communicate here for now.

There is currently a tropical depression just east of us, headed straight toward Saipan and Tinian, about 100 miles North of us. Right now they say that it could turn into a Typhoon in the next 12-24 hours, just as it hits our island chain. Here on Guam and the fourth of the Mariana islands, Rota, will be under tropical sorm conditions, very strong winds and heavy rain. If the cyclone stays on the projected path, we should expect the worst winds on the west side of the island. (we live on the east coast)

We will still need to be typhoon ready as these storms seem to have minds of thier own. We have a lot to do to be storm ready. Besides putting up the typhoon shutters we need to bring in everything from outside. Being that there is currently no power, we will be unable to wash the laundry and make ice, but worse, we will be unable to gas our cars, mine is on empty (oooopps!) What we will need to do is prepare for power to be out possibly for months, so stock up on food and ice, and tons, I mean TONS of water. Clean out the trash cans and fill them with water. We will need water for the toilets and oh man, can you imagine showering out of a bucket or out in the rain? I am expecting the markets to be packed and shelves empty. I do not know what the phone situation will be like, currently my cell phone and land lines work. We will see after tomorrow evening. Am I missing anything? Maybe I should google typhoon readiness.

What this means for Heath and I, he has to report to the hospital and ride out the storm here until the storm is over. He will then be released, by those who ride out the storm at home, and be available to help me clean up any damage done and strewn debris. I probably could stay with someone durring the storm, but I think I would like to be home, towels in hand and muscles ready to prop up furniture if needed, all by candle light... I know you want to join me.

I am unsure if I will be able to update anytime soon. I will let Heath know he can access this site here and maybe he can give an update durring or after the storm if they still have internet. Otherwise, track our adventure along with us at:

For more information google guam weather, the first link is the best. If links above don't work go to click on satellite along the side and then something like color loop for the best picture of the storm... black inside spinning red is the worst. Pray for us... I am kinda giddy with adrenalin and a bit excited... is that bad?