Monday, October 16, 2006

Test # 5

I passed!


The test I bout died taking...
The one I was sick as a dog during...
The monster I felt like was laughing at me...

Yes, this test I speak of is #5 of six...

I conquered it.
It is over.
It is finished.
It is history.

I don’t know how well I did and I don't really care. I did enough to check it off the list.

What does this mean you say?

This means that I have 2 1/2 weeks to study for my last test (the hardest and most specialized of the science tests.) And once I pass... I will be "no child left behind" compliant and will have proved to california that I know my stuff and michigan did in fact teach me the things I need to know. (This test specializes on ca geology... I haven't taken any classes on ca-anything.)

Five years after taking some of the classes that ca expects, I have worked hard to review, relearn and learn for the first time.

I am in fact, a professional.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Happy Birthday Jake

We always have so much fun with you all!

Thanks for including us on you special day!

Congrats on you new house.

Good luck Jake on your CSET test, I will be thinking about you as I attempt to pass it as well.

Love you guys!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

September Update

I'll start with a funny story...

... The principal at my school stopped me and asked me if i would like to coach cross country... all I could do was start laughing... then I said, "the longest distance I have ever run is 4 miles" (thanks to my friend Lisa.) He said, "great! They only run 3." Somehow the next day I was coach. Coach of something on my own I hate to do. So i run with the kids and look at it like I am getting paid to work out. It has been fun to work with the kids but takes up a lot of energy... we have more than 50 kids signed up.

A couple of weeks ago I was fighting a nasty cold…felt like a sinus infection. It seemed to drain the life out of me. This made it challenging when I felt like I was running a circus; with teaching and coaching plus...

One more test is finished, I find out if I passed in a week… if I passed I have only one more to go. I just started studying today... I can not wait until November 4th is over!

Brooke and I at my after test #5 party

Our company has moved out. I felt like a bad hostess while they were here... all I did was study. We had two navy guys staying with is until they found their own places. Patrick was a friend of Heath’s from the ship in VA. Jason and Heath went to PT school together in TX and has been in Guam the past three years and now is at Camp Pendleton working with Heath. So it has been a lot of fun to show him around and hear his stories.

Jason, our fun friend from Guam

We were also able to see off our friends Trevor and Sam...

... they left for a far off country (I don't know if I can state where) to immerse themselves in the culture, learn the language and both train the nationals. Trevor will help them eventually get a Bible translated into their native tongue and Sam will work on the literacy end ... wow! It has been exciting to see them work hard toward their dream and now really go! We are so proud of you two!

I also went to Palm Springs for girls weekend at the end of the month... This is the only picture I have been able to upload though. So the rest will just have to be in October's update.

We had a blast! I really needed girl time!

Heath has had a lot of time to golf, surf and fish while I have been studying, coaching, teaching and away with the girls.

He had the day off, so for a coworkers birthday went out deep sea fishing ...

... and caught a big ole shark.