Friday, October 17, 2008

Skydive Surprise

Do I have the coolest wife or what?!

I couldn't have been more surprised with my wifes planning... from scamming with my boss to get out early on a Friday, to dressin up all pretty and pink, to throwing me off by setting up a picnic with a view under a huge tree, my wife planned one of the coolest surprises ever. When she first told me we were going to jump out of a plane it took her the entire drive to convince me we were actually jumping out of a plane that day. In less than an hour later we arrived, had a 5 minute safety briefing, climbed into our gear and we were off enjoying the flight of our lives!

It was an anniversary I will never forget.

Happy Suprise Heath... I love you!
Cheers to 5 more adventurous years!