Saturday, March 20, 2010

Last Days on Guam

Typhoon Season:
We survived many Typhoons that were headed right for us, they all skirted by. Usually pelting us with some the monsoon tails, pelting us with strong wind and rain. We lived with the Typhoon shutters up for most of our last Typhoon season on Guam.

Rhianon's Job:
I taught middle school science my first year, art my second and did not teach at the school for a third year, as we were scheduled to possibly move in the fall. So, I worked as a ceramics instructor part time at a Historic Inalajan. It was great to stay connected with students as well as be creative with clay.

Preparing to Move:
We received orders in November, sorted and lightened our load throughout December, spent the holidays with our Chamorro family, and packed out our house the first week of January. Leaving six bags of the possible items we would need for the next 6 months. Our plans were to vacation in January to Palau and Australia, travel back to the states, Michigan, Chicago, Florida and then on to San Diego.

Saying Goodbye:
One of the hardest parts of having a job that takes you around the world is falling in love with the people along the way, (who really become family) and then having to say goodbye. Leaving always tears apart and leaves behind pieces of our hearts. We will miss our peeps in Guam immensely and look forward to returning someday!