Thursday, January 26, 2006

2 New Things I Love

2 New things I love:

1. Shopping at local Farmers Markets!
Everything is so fresh.
It helps local farmers.
The produce is not sprayed with junk.
You buy what is in season. (What our bodies need)
It is a lot of fun to go with someone.

Chara and I went one sat and she showed me the ropes. Yesterday Brooke met me at the one in Carlsbad, and I found so many good buys. I even bought these tall crooked willow stalks to decorate with. I should post a picture once I arrange them; they are so cool.

2. Eating beets!
I have always disliked beets. But all I had ever tried was canned beets…yuck!

I tasted fresh beets last fall when Ryan and Holly shared the beets they received in their CSA (community supported agriculture) at one of our cookouts. I thought they were surprisingly delicious.

Well, I bought some with Chara, to see if I really did like them or if it was a one-time thing. I cooked them right up, ate the whole bunch and wanted more. I have been craving them since. So yesterday I bought two bunches, only $1 for 4 large beets. I can’t wait to cook them up! You all really should try them! I guess they are good for your kidneys…who knew?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Many of you know I teach.
Currently I teach middle school art.
I am part time so am trying to piece it together.
I work for Kids College
(an after school program at local middle and elementary schools)

Monday I showed up for my first class at a new (to Kids College and me) school. There were 15 students on my roster. For after school art that is a lot! On my way to the school the director calls me to inform me I have about 22 students. “Oh no”, I only brought 20 pieces of paper.

So upon arrival, I check in at the office, and find a line of people signing up for my class. In total I ended up with 32, First through Fifth graders ready and eager to do art. Yikes, I thought 15 a lot. I survived, I don’t know how, but I did. We ended up moving to a larger classroom and I found a paper cutter to cut the project size in half. I also had the PTA president and the site principal observing me juggle 32 little ones.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Two More Boys Today

More good news...

Baby friend # 2 today, was born this evening. Friends from back home, Sean and Kelli just had their first little boy, Jonah. He was not early and from what I have heard so far is very healthy.

This morning Alison called me to say that she had just delivered her and Shawn's little boy and that he was healthy but to pray that he will stay strong, breath and eat well; he is 6 weeks early.

So all day I was thinking about him and wondering if Sean and Kelli had had theirs yet, well now I know.

Two more boys have brightened this world today.
Two more boys will be lavished by incredibly loving parents.
Two more boys will be nurtured in amazing homes.
Two more boys have families that will believe in them!

Carlsons and Thackers/(Klines);
You have been two families that have challenged and encouraged me.
Two families that over the years, I have admired and been inspired by.
Two families I feel like I could call my own. (In fact, I do)
Two families that truly are a picture of God's love.

I am so excited for you all, but more excited for the two little boys who get to grow up surrounded by so much love and some of the most amazing people I have ever met.
I love you all!

Posting 3 weeks in a hurry

I finally had a second, believe it or not, on one of my busiest days, to finally post my updates.

7ish Call from my best friend in VA…She just had her baby boy…please pray he is 6 weeks early!

7-12 Taught Middle School

12:30-2:30 Taught Elementary

Now: Update Blog at Panara Bread (enjoying a caramel drink and apple crisp bagel…so yummy!)

4-6 Beginning Teacher Class

6:30 My new home church

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pray for Heath

I got a call from Heath today...

He sounds awful! He is so sick, sounds like the flu.
He is feverish, has a bad cough and isn't sleeping.
He had to miss work and is trying to rest.

I so wish I could be there to help... please pray!
Thank You!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Home Alone

So I have more than survived my first week home alone, but I think I have truly thrived. What ever that means, it just sounds right.

Anyway, I have had a great time believe it or not. (Besides missing my sis a ton!) For like the first time ever I have really been alone and enjoyed hanging out with myself, doing what I want to do, relaxing, getting things done and living on my own schedule.

So far I have felt safe, which is big for me. I thought I might get easily freaked out here by myself, but I just feel a peace or confidence or something like that. It is cozy and fun to know I am getting the house ready for my man to come home.

Overall it is really good to be home…I know that this is one step closer to Heaths return.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

4 Down 2 To Go

The three weeks back in MI went so fast!

So when I left CA, Heath I and I were half way through the deployment; 3 months down 3 to go.

Upon arriving back in CA, we were 2/3rds of the way through; 4 months down, only 2 to go.


I find encouragement in that the time we have left we have already done twice.

He will be home in no time!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Time Flies

My last week at home was a whirl wind, I was able to spend time with friends and family, which was so nice, but still never felt like enough time. Overall I am thankful for the time I was able to be home.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Miller Family Vacation

We had a great time creating memories.

Our family went to Double JJ Ranch in Muskegon.

The log cabin we stayed in was amazing! It was huge and everything was like new.

The weather was a gray and rainy but we were still able to take advantage of some of the outdoor activities like tubing and horseback riding.

Most of the time we played games and ate delicious food.

Our favorite game was extreme spoons. If you know how to play the card game spoons, the “extreme” part comes in when mom or dad hide the spoons upstairs. So you can imagine 5 of us running up to the loft (pulling each other back down the stairs) and then tearing up the beds and luggage looking for the spoons and wrestling once we hear them jingle in order make it back downstairs with a spoon. So much fun!

Pics on the way...