Thursday, February 23, 2006

Heath's next couple weeks

Heath comes home soon! I can’t believe it is finally almost time! We have a little more than two weeks left! Life here has been flying…Thank you God!

Heaths tentative timeline:

Today he left for Qatar (I think); he gets to spend a few days getting away from work there to take a little retreat, and do things like water sports and study.

When he gets back to Kuwait he has to take his advancement test (on his birthday)

His replacement will also be there for him to train

He will move back into the tents and prepare for coming home.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where Did February Go?

This week I have off and the past two weeks flew by with my visitors here.

I had a great visit from my friend Jen and her little boy Elijah. They were able to extend their ticket and stay almost two weeks, which was great since I was a little under the weather the first week they were here. I had great time talking about life and marriage and my excitement for Heath's return with Jen (that is much better than being giddy with strangers) I also had a lot of fun playing with Elijah...

Who so adorably made me realize I live quite close to an airport, that or am directly under a major flight path. He is like the smartest little guy; his first understandable words include octopus and airplane. When he first got here he would go for walks with me to get the mail and when he would hear a plane he would point up and his eyes would get huge, it didn’t take long before each time he would hear one he would point up and say, “aaaaaaaaair-plane.”

He also was so good at changing the subject and talking in his own way of explaining things. So, when daily, we were unable to find yet another one of his wooden puzzle pieces we figured we were getting nowhere with him jabbering away and pointing at random things. Well, turns out he probably was telling us his exact hiding place we just didn’t understand him. Poor guy. Gosh I can’t wait until we can make sense of what he is saying.

Anyway, I was also having problems with my dishwasher and Elijah showed great interest in it, if it were open he wanted to try helping load or unload, and if it were closed he liked to lock and unlock it. So when the door started making a funny noise every time it would open or close, I started to get curious. This curiosity caused me to finally, the night before they left, examine it a little more closely, I noticed that at the hinge it appeared a floating part, which at first looked like a piece of the plastic had cracked off. But, upon further examination I noticed there were two pieces, so I stuck a knife in the whole and wow, I flipped the pieces and one was the motorcycle and the other a farm animal I cannot recall. They were inside of the door. We discovered that all seven missing pieces were carefully slid into the little slot that appears only when the door is, in fact, locked. If only he were awake to explain this to us as I sat on the floor with the drill taking my dishwasher door apart. Kids are funny!

Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Hi Heath"

Yesterday I went up to Orange County with Ben and Chara to go for an air ship (blimp) ride. The weather was too overcast and visibility was poor so we just hovered a couple feet above ground waiting for it to clear up. It did not.

The rest of the day we spent with Chara's family and her adorable little niece and nephew. They are a lot of fun and love Heath. So Heath here is a little message from them.

We miss you!
I am not exactly sure how this works, I think you have to download the DivX software first.