Friday, May 18, 2007

Workin and a Hopin

I am subbing! Finally!

I filled out all 49 pages of all the information you could imagine about my life the past 10 years. So, if you get a phone call, I may have squeezed your info in as a reference. I ended up having to put down 33 references, 12 places I have lived, 11 jobs I have had and 6 colleges I have attended. Yikes, I was all over the place. So, just last week I got called to come in and so far I have only had one day off. This is good! But will only last for a month.

I am working for DODEA (Department of Defense) Schools, one is a middle/elementary school and the other a high school. So far I have had a 3rd grade class, Jr high Math, Language Arts, Drama and Spanish, HS music, and I have hopped around in 1st grade, kindergarten and the front office. It is great to be back in the classroom. There are things I really enjoy about subbing and things I am looking forward to once I have my own classroom again. (God willing)

Right now there is nothing posted I am qualified for, but I am hoping something will come up. My application is in and waiting for a position to pop up. This is the hard part... the unknown, just waiting, and wondering. I keep wondering if there is something else I can be doing, or something else i should be working on to be better qualified. I am thankful to be subbing, and I am hopefully making connections so I am not just another number.

I know I should probably be looking for other possibilities.... I just want dodea so bad! Art positions are very hard to come by, so I don't really have a an ounce of hope for that, but science, I am just hoping something will come up and am actually really excited about the possibility. My dream would be... if a position opened up at the high school! They are building a brand new one right next to the Naval hospital... Heath and I could car pool, maybe even have lunch once in a while, possibly work out together. Those are just some of the many pluses. Ok, I know I should simmer down on the dreaming... but wouldn't that just be so great?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Our Bebes

Heath has 12 hour hospital duty tonight... can you tell I am bored? I can't catch up on Grey's Anatomy without Heath (although he told me I could) we are all caught up on Lost and I just can't seem to get off the computer. So here I sit and blog. I know I am a big fat nerd (just check the 3 latest posts) but I like it. And it is the small things that paint the picture of life for me.

I also don't have kids to post pictures of, like many of my fellow bloggers and I have been waiting to get on the substitute teacher list, so I have had a lot of time on my hands to take pictures of the little things of Guam.

It is the first time since high school that I have had almost 4 months off... wait then that would have been before kindergarten... no wonder I was beginning to get antsy. I have been able to keep full time busy somehow, but I have also been breathing and have had time to notice it... ahh... nice!

Anyway, one more silly set of pics... like I said earlier we do not have little ones. So, a few weeks ago Heath and I made a trip to the nursery and picked out a few little ones we could call our own. We have been giving them the nurturing and tlc that they so desperately need... and low and behold they are growing like weeds.

We loved them so much we have adopted a few more that are not pictured, however this does not mean that we love them any less. In fact Ginger and Stinky Clove are our own and are just starting to sprout. Sweet B and Thai B have multiplied their size by at lest 5. The Chives family have had to grow up 3 times. Our little Hotties continue to amaze us! The little Toms are sick... we are looking into how to help them, they have produced 4 beautiful little ones though.

And man they all love to salsa!... seriously... it is the best salsa I have ever experienced!

See I am a nerd... that is what you get at 1am... some say anytime of day really.
Alright... goodnight all. Loves :)


I have been thinking a lot about roommates lately… I have had about 40 to 50 roommates in the past 10 years of my life. Some good, some not-so-good, all loved. Here is a story and a few of my thoughts about the topic…

Good roommates…

Don’t leave their crap all over.
Don’t act like they own your things.
Don’t yell at you to leave the room.
Don’t scare you when you are sleeping.
Don’t make noise at all hours of the night.
Don’t leave their leftovers out.
Don’t jump out of things to scare you.

One of the first nights in our new house, I heard a noise unlike normal new house noises; in fact, it made me sit straight up in bed. It was a slight squeal, kind of like someone bumping into furniture, sliding it on the marble tile, at least that is what I imagined. Heath got up and checked the house and found no such intruders and all furniture as we had left it. (He is such a good room/life-mate)

However…I think we have quite a few not-so-good roommates…

Good or bad, they are loved. They are so cute and so fun to watch and they eat the bugs (except for all the teeny-tiny ants.) And when I find bug carcasses and tiny wings on the furniture or stove, I am thankful that the geckos have taken care of them before I notice them invading my house. Also, I am learning that they do take their dumps in fairly regular locations, I appreciate routines rather than their little surprises.

Heath also likes to catch them and let them ride around on his shoulders. We were trying to scare them away, especially after one jumped out of a cereal bowl at heath, but we have grown to enjoy their presence. We have learned to coexist; now all of our dishes sit upside-down in our cupboards… thanks mom for that tip!

We also appreciate their humor. They all have different voices, which when I am not trying to sleep can be cute as well… The one that lives in the kitchen has a loud clicking squawk, especially after dinner; in fact this is the 3rd time it has spoken since I have started this post. The ones that live in our room are the squealers, like rusty furniture wheels. The ones in our living room and the bathrooms have babies that think they can fly and jump off the light ledges to severe injury and sometimes their death. Today, there was a baby in the corner of our bathtub that could not climb up the dried soap scum slope (gross I know). He was so cute to watch running his little heart out and going nowhere… sometimes I feel like that. Heath rescued him… he does that for me too… what a good roommate!

Critters of the Night, Visitors and Pests

We feed these guys... they are like our pigs that eat all our scraps... they really like coconut but are not picky. In fact every night we see like 10 to 20 in the pile and lately they have been working their way into our garden.

I also discovered a hermit crab tonight that was living in a lego, he was not homeless, just living in a piece of trash. Poor little guy, maybe tomorrow I will go into the jungle to help him house hunt. There are plenty of shells out there.

Tonight (Heath has hospital duty) I was taking out some banana bread that the ants discovered and heard claws at my feet just at the end of my patio... Heath has been wanting to catch a coconut crab (ayuyu), feed it coconut and eventually eat it... they are supposedly deliciously sweet. However, their pinch is incredibly painful and they wont let go until you break off their claw... I was not about to catch this one just in case it is an Ayuyu and not just a land crab.

These little neighbors surround us... they are fabulous alarm clocks... any time of day! I thought it would just be morning, but that must just be what they are known for because they yell all day long! The past few weeks many of them had babies, the bottom picture has four... where's waldo, penny, franko and fuzzy?

Long legged friends. This praying mantis was just hanging out with me as I gardened. The Banana Spiders... that is what we have heard some call them, can be found in our flowers, or the tangen tangen (jungle bush) at anytime. However the woolly one, we think is a wolf spider, huge and easily scared. Both harmless... we think.

One last critter, this one I like the least. Many of you know I am not a cat fan. Also, many of you know that things that I am allergic to are drawn to me. Well, this critter fits both categories... It finds shade under my car scaring me every time I open my car door, I have found it sitting at every one of our doormats, it also runs into our windows trying to catch bugs or geckos. Not only that, I think it has cataracts, so it glares at me, of course I glare back with my cataracts and all. But isn't that a lovely thing to be doing for the camera? Do you think it is saying, "kiss my butt, I lived here first"?

P.S. Of all the critters I have encountered here, the most domestic I am not a fan of. The boonie dogs scare me, I have to run with a stick for protection and I still run afraid.

P.P.S. The brown snakes you all hear about, I can no longer say we haven't seen any. We saw our first on the road home the other night. But most people who live here long term have only seen a couple.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fun With Lisa

Who wouldn't want to pick up a beautiful, open arm, friend with a smile like that at an airport at 3 am? We were so excited to see each other we didn't sleep that first night, we stayed up chatting away, waiting to catch the sunrise, we then went for a run and began our 4 adventure-full days straight of soaking up lots of sun, diving, snorkeling, spelunking, hiking, exploring and lots of laughter and catch-up. It was very fun and refreshing!

We miss you already!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Guest Room Ready

We were fortunate enough to have been able to buy an extra bed from a lady moving back to the states. It included all the bedding; 4 pillows, 2 sets of sheets, a nice pillow sham, a comforter, and dust ruffle all for $150 buck-eroos. At first I was like, ewe, a flowery blue quilt...not totally my style but it looks so nice and calming in the back bedroom. And with the view... it is so nice.

And the bathroom not to bad with white and silver accents... the brown just wasn't working. I wish I was a guest staying here.... don't you? You better be saving your pennies.
Lisa San is coming to town

Our First Visitor! ... I am so excited! ....

My friend Lisa is coming tomorrow and staying for the week!

Yeah! Someone who knows me! I can't believe it's been 3 months without familiar faces.

We are going to make lots of yummy food (she really misses american food!) I am going to feel like the food santa... merry foodmas Lisa!

Have lots of girl time... I miss girl time

Drink Mojitoes while we watch the waves

Talk a lot, or just sit and be known (ahh, to be known and understood)

And most definitely... laugh tons (if you haven't checked out her blog, when you do be prepared to laugh and maybe cry too)

And we might do a little boonie stomping, looking for beaches or waterfalls or caves or whatever

Anyway we are going to have a good time!

Love ya sista Lisa... travel safe.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Guam on Comedy Central

Hey did anyone catch this on April 29, 2007?

The Colbert Report