Sunday, November 13, 2005

Heath Update

Despite the circumstances (being way from me) he is doing fairly well. Time is going quickly for him and he is happy doing what he is doing there… He said, “I’m doing my time over here and I will come back, but I am of course missing you a lot!”

Heath is just doing all he can to keep busy! He runs a lot, lifts a lot of weights, is picking up volunteer jobs on the weekends, plays ping pong and video games, watches movies, reads, and listens to his music. He ran his first race, it was a Halloween eve 5k, and he finished in 22 minutes.

He has some patients that have been injured in Iraq; for them he goes over to the hospital and works with them. Otherwise majority of his patients are smaller injuries that they are trying to deal with there rather than sending them back home.

Work has been a little crazy for him. They just got their new group of people to take over the next 6 months, so there is a lot to get used to with that.

They just moved the Physical Therapy Clinic from their small trailer to a new, slightly larger one. This is taking a lot of adjusting for both of us. For Heath, he is trying to work out all of the kinks in a new place, getting things working and organized. For us there is less talking; the new trailer does not have a phone, desk or a place for a computer. For me, I loved ending my day with a phone call from Heath, as he would get up early go into the clinic and call me before his first patient. The time change has also made things interesting, because they did not change time. So he is now 11 hours ahead of us and either has to stay up late to call after I get out of work; get up extra early to wait for a phone before I go to sleep; or call between work and working out to catch me as I am getting ready for work. It just makes it harder to connect our schedules. The weekends will be our new time to really catch up.

He is missing cooking big time! He gets frustrated that he can’t cook the food how he likes it. He said he is eating a lot of fish, they really know how to cook that and steamed veggies, everything else is just okay.

The weather is starting to cool down and the clouds are rolling in. Rainy season is on its way; he is excited to be there for the storms. I am jealous; I miss thunder and lightning! This will be good for him, he was just telling me how he misses the seasons. Maybe our next duty station will be farther north.

He says “hello” to every one.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Babies all around

Our good friends Tam and Nyoka just had their first baby boy!

He is absolutely adorable!
Heath is jealous that I got to hold him, and he was only a day old.
Tam and Heath are excited about the little soccer player/fisherman/dirt biker/surfer. Now they have someone to join them!

So many friends of ours are having babies, this is good for us to play with, love on and spoil other peoples kids.
Then we will not need any of our own.

Tam and Nyoka's little boy is Dominic
A friend I work with just had a little boy, Nicholas
My best friend in VA is having a boy in February
Our neighbor was due last week, I think she is at the hospital now.
A couple friends from back home are pregnant

Two years ago I had 14 weddings to go to...
Now it is baby showers.

Welcome to our world Dominic!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Girls Weekend

Mama and her girls

Last weekend my mom, her friend, and Rachel’s best friend came out to visit us. Girls weekend was full of laughs, sightseeing, shopping, and ice cream. I had such a good time with my mom and Rachel was so surprised and had a blast with her friend Alyson. They were crazy! I was so glad Rachel was able to have a piece of home out here for a little bit.

One of my best friends also happened to be in town so we all had a great day hanging out in San Diego, we also decided to take a trolley to Mexico. I was not thrilled with doing the shopping thing so Tracy and I enjoyed the best Margaritas I have ever had.

Buy one get one free, and you can’t order one and share the free one, instead they bring out four. Lets just say everything seemed so humorous after that.