Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What is it they say about 3's?

Our first week back has been rough, especially on Heath!

For me, I studied everyday for 8-12 hours for a giant certification test. If I passed, I only have 2 more to take to be "No Child Left Behind" compliant and will have my official California Teaching Credential in Geoscience and Art.
Saturday I took the test, I think I did alright, I used all 5 hours.
Heath's plan during my test was to go out on a charter boat fishing...

Which brings this back to Heath and the point of this post.

#1: Thursday, Heath was going to ride his bike to work, and home...

... on the way home... thorns in the tires. (today he got his 3rd flat)

#2 Friday, Heath was going to go golfing while I studied...

... when he opened the trunk (for the first time back from vacation), he discovered that all the metal in the trunk had began to rust and ooze.

#3 Saturday, Heath was going to go fishing...

... but on the way, he got into a little fender bender... on the way home from that he was almost hit in much larger accident.

Lets just say Heath is laying low these days...
And we are shorter on cash than expected.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last week with friends and family :(

Don't we look happy together! Rachel (little red-head sis) and I have never had a problem being silly, and now I have 3 sisters to share life with. I love this whole-brothers marry great girls thing... Now Chase take your time, I am fine with 3 sisters for now. You obviously don't appear to be ready... wait is that my husband sticking out his tongue too?

The fabulous Russ and Amy Miller... They are so cute!

Chase and Heath grilling up something yummy!

It is something special when you love to be around the brother you used to get so mad at over washing the dishes and gas money.

Smiling to only show the so often missed bottom teeth... we are so silly! The only Thill reunion I experienced was with Nana and Gramps and my super fun, super cute cousin, Zoey, who drove 3 hours to see me! There was talk of celebrating Nana's 90th birthday while I was home, but it didn't work out, so... Happy birthday Nana. I'll keep laughing..."because Nana said so!"

It is always so much fun to see Jen and Elijah. He is growing so fast. So is his little brother or sister, whom I felt playing soccer or dancing or maybe Kung Fo Fighting in Mama's tummy. Wow!

I was glad to catch up with other friends as well, I just didn't get many more pictures.

She's a Professional

So my little sis, is all big and professional now. We were privileged enough to enter into her new domain and partake in the specialties she offers, and in which some of us were in desperate need of ... uh um... Heath. Can you believe he is in the military with that crazy hair?

OK it doesn't look that long, I forgot to take a before picture, but notice the length and great curl on the top. At this stage it kinda looks like an 80's do.

Isn't he handsome?!

She's crazy...

...But fabulous at what she does!

If you are in GR and need a cut, color, updo, or wax, she really is amazing and needs clients being new and all.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Heath went fishing in the middle of the night.

Heath returned at 7:30 am with this monster.

It really is a monster-it tried to attack me.

This was the yummiest monster i have ever eaten!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Fun with the Wilhoits

The Fabulous Rachel and Michael Wilhoit

Check out Heath's mad skiing skills

This is new for me... I actually got up on my first try and look, time 3 or something, I made it over the wake!

Michael and Rachel skied with us as well, I just don't have pics of them, but Rachel and I shared the great accomplishment of skiing around the lake a couple times as beginners!

That blur is Michael jumping from the where I am taking the picture. Those white things are huge trampolines.

That is Heath flying over Michael's head.

I don't have pictures from 4th of July at the lake with friends, beach day on Lake Michigan, the tour of Michael and Heath's childhood, or the many games of "Settlers of Catan." But as you can imagine the time spent together was wonderful!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Wilhoit Reunion: Great Fun, Great Family and Great Food

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day!

The party was at Ma and Pa''s new house. They have done a lot of work to make it absolutely perfect! The house and the yard looked fabulous. Everyone brought delicious food! Pa and Heath were slaving over the hot grills, making 5 delicious beer-can chickens and more than enough hambugs and hot dogs. i love pot luck gatherings when there is tons of food to choose from.

It was so great to see everyone all together and from both sides of the family!

Heath's amazing beer can chickens... my favorite meal! Is there enough to feed this crowd?

Pa's got it covered. The double fisted flips. In fact, it appears he is juggling the dogs.

Herald and Heath relaxing after filling up

Lots of laughter from the O'Brien side!

Great time enjoyed by the Wilhoit side as well!

Aren't they sooooooooooo cute!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dj's Wedding

Dj and Katie and his parents

Long time friends catching up

Who is having a better time?

I am not sure if my husband is winking or sleeping.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Miller Mania Fun!

This is a lot of the Millers... we really missed those of you who couldn't make it.

Not being a part of the Miller family must be rough... the fun that follows will make you even more jealous! I must say that not only is this a "good-looking" group (as Grandpa always told us over the phone), as well as the most fun bunch in the world, they happen to also be the kindest people you will ever meet. I am proud...I can't help it.

Water balloon toss... fun and refreshing for everyone!

Chalk drawing contest... we are also artistic.

The Pink Rockers tearing up the scavenger hunt!

The kids had a blast cooling off on the slip and slide.

That is, I think, the biggest kid of all... my Heath.

Volley ball for hours, even past dark (glow in the dark ball)

Grandma even got in on the game! You go Grams!

Hoola-hoop contest... nice form Chase and Cassie!

Some card games... does anyone know why we didn't play extreme solitare?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Miller Mania

The drive through the night was not bad. I was planning on sleeping and giving Heath a break; instead we talked the whole night and once we made it into Michigan and the sun was up, we took turns sleeping until we arrived in Standish, MI. The drive was supposed to take 11 hours but we did hit morning traffic it ended up 13 1/2.

We had a fun packed couple of days! We set up about 6 tents in Grandmas back yard.

Saturday evening we had a softball tournament. It was fun for me to see Heath playing with my family. (He had only met them at Russ and Amy's wedding and then our own... so it was great for them to get to know him and vice versa!)

Sunday all the major festivities began:

Bochi ball tournaments

The water balloon toss, and then water balloon war.

We had a scavenger hunt (Heath kept the crew occupied while it was being set up)

This is where the batteries in my camera died. I hope to get more pics soon!

Other highlighs include; Grandma spending the whole day with us, lots of laughs and catching up, volleyball until past dark, and our last day we took a canoe trip down the Rifle River with about 12 canoes.

It was wonderful to finally spend another Miller mania with everyone.