Thursday, August 31, 2006

Picture Catch-Up and Update

We enjoyed a delicious meal after Lisa's amazing 1/2 marathon. She ran in San Diego's, Finest City's Half "Marathon. Ben and Chara, Heath and I enjoyed biking around to cheer for her.

Lisa makes me so proud! She has been and inspiration and motivation to me! She was fabulous! She looks fabulous too, this was at her 9th mile and she is gracefully acknowledging our cheering and concentrating hard on giving Heath the perfect high five.

My cousin Corey was in town, I have not seen him in about 15 years! It was exciting to meet his family. And very sweet of them to take out time on their vacation and time at Disney to meet us for dinner.

My cousin Steve was also in town back in June. We caught dinner, a walk down in La Jolla and checked out Torrey Pines golf course. It was great to hang out and catch up with him!

Our great friend Lisa, like I said above, is just fabulous! This coming Tuesday she will be leaving us to go and experience the world. She is moving to Japan for a year to teach English. Again an inspiration to me!

This is us at the beach, we cut up some food, wrapped it in foil and Heath slaved over a campfire cooking it. It was delicious!

Now, Heath is showing us how this ice cream eating art is done.

One of our favorite things to do is put on dinner parties. We were talking recently about the friendship aspect of our love. And the thing that Heath said he loves about us is that we make a great team. We think the parties we put on are so much fun... we may be a bit biased but it is something we just love to do and have so much fun! Sometime we shut the door after everyone leaves and can not wipe the smiles off our faces, we just feel so blessed to have the support system that we have here! Who knew that for the 3 years here we would have made such amazing friends... and for life! We sure do have a great collection from all over the world!

Below are a random scattering of dinner parties from the past few months (anywhere from beer can chicken to sushi to peanut butter smores on the grill)