Friday, July 18, 2008

Art Goodies

Hey Everyone! It is almost 2 am and I can't sleep, so thought I would get this out there in hopes that my brain will slow down a little bit.

There is a huge possibility that I will be teaching art this year (things can change up until the minute I begin though) So, I want to be prepared for either art or science.

I have not checked out the art supplies (the Attorney General has condemned the art room so it is currently under construction) but I heard there is not much at all and there is definitely no $$ (I mean I still might not have air condition!) So, I am planning on starting from scratch. I can attempt to collect a small supply fee from the students so that will help. But if anyone has anything laying around and would like to donate it, I would be glad to take it off your hands and promise it will go to great use.

Right now I am in search of art prints (from famous artists or time periods... ex. Monet or Surrealism, etc.) If anyone has old calendars or posters, or finds any on clearance, please let me know! I have in the past focused on:
  • Early Art: Primitive, Folk, Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance. Realism, Impressionism
  • 20th Century: Cubism, Fauvism, Abstract, Surrealism, Non-Objective, Pop Art
As far as supplies, I usually try to teach with a variety of mediums (tempera and watercolor paint, chalk, oil pastels, colored pencil, marker, drawing pencils, colored paper, anything 3-D)

So, there it is. If anyone has anything or knows where I would be able to order it for a good price let me know (oh yeah, everything is expensive out in town.) Thanks so much.

Missing you all,

Saturday, July 12, 2008

9 New Posts

I am playing catch up this summer vacation...
Enjoy some of the highlights from the past few months below.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's the Catch?

Spear Fishing... at night... believe it!
This IS Heath and Chase we are talking about.

Heath, Chase and our friend Phil went fishing the other night and came home with this... not exactly dinner.

Guam has had a huge problem with Brown Tree Snakes, they are an exotic species that hitched a ride over on a plane and have no predators here so are a problem all over the island and have sadly wiped out most of the bird species and who knows what else (just not the chickens.)

He is really over 6ft long!

I really wanted to keep it... I mean look how beautiful it is!

But if it were to ever get loose and back out in the jungle, I would not be helping out the biodiversity of Guam now would I!?

Last night just Heath and Chase went out and this is what Chase got... wow!
It is a Parrot Fish... isn't it beautiful!

Can't wait to eat him... they are really delicious!
They have also seen sea turtles and huge blow fish... and tons more, that is all they tell me.

Caving on Nimitz Hill

(Rhianon, Phil, Chase, Heath)
We had a blast! I can't get over how much fun this was!
We can't wait to check out more caves here!

Naval Hospital Birthday

We don't have many pics of us lately... so here are a few from the ball.

Livin' the Life!

While Micheal was here, he and Heath and our downstairs housemate, Phil, decided to cut down an old coconut tree and hang a lovely hammock! It seems just too good to be true!

Truly Living the Life!

Party in the Front Yard

Our friends daughter, Marina, was having her first holy communion so we hosted it in our front yard.

The guys carried down the tent from the Mayors house. There was tons of food, the kids (this includes Heath) had a blast in the bounce house.

Such a sweet and beautiful girl!

Making of Our Surfboard:Part 1

At new moon (less bugs to infest the wood) Heath goes out to harvest as much usable Pago wood as possible. It then sits on our porch to dry before he strips it of the bark and shaves off the curves. It then comes inside the house so it does not mold or get bugs. There is still tons of harvesting to do!

Tasha's Visit

My new friend Tasha came out for a vacation... had a great time and I talked her ear off... I didn't realize how much I needed to talk to someone from back home about life here. She was a huge blessing! Thanks for making the trip Tasha!

Cocos Crossing

On May 25, we joined 136 people from all over the world for the International Coco's Crossing Swim Race. We took a ferry over to Coco's island and swam home. The swim was 2.5 forever miles and the water was choppy but clear... We all were able to finish the race in under 2 hours with no major problems, just a lot of choking on the waves. Our pic of "team drown" is below.

Chris (Heath's coworker) 1:17, Rhianon 1:28, Heath 1:17, Michael (Heath's brother)1:08 and our friend Phil 1:37.

That is Cocos from Guam... forever away!

Spring Break

Nina and I had fun my first day of break!
We climbed and picked breadfruit from the huge tree, this was not an easy task. We were planning on making it for family dinner. We then picked Calamancies (shown below... I made juice.. it is kinda like lemon/tangerine juice) We also checked out many other things in her wonderful garden of a yard, makes our yard look pretty lame.
After a productive morning we refreshed ourselves in the shade... ahhh

Calamanci Juice from Nina's tree

Caribou are icons on Guam

Diving at Fish Eye

Heath surfing at Boat Basin ... too dangerous for me
(notice our statue of liberty in the background)

Out for sushi