Friday, November 17, 2006

Fun with Heath's Friends from Work

Tam, Heath, Jason and Mike
enjoyed a day of fishing on veterens day.

We are so proud of all of you serving our country,
taking care of the wounded and bringing healing.
Our broken and hurting world needs more people like you
bringing peace and goodness!

You deserve to take the day and enjoy playing...

Mike and Jason's catch... or is it the bait?

Heath cought the jackpot fish of the day.

The Naval Banquet was a few weeks ago.

We had a good time hanging out with Mike and Lisa

Lisa and I were able to see where our men hang out all day...

... and how they take care of their patiants...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Worlds Apart

“Worlds Apart” has been an appropriate title the past 16 months and will continue to be for a few more years.

…Living thousands of miles from our families, this has been a place we have been able to keep loved ones posted on what we we’ve been up to…

…We started our blog on our travels to Thailand, to share our pictures and stories…

…Six weeks later Heath left for Kuwait and this was how many of us were able to communicate with him…

…Well, we have one more reason to keep the title… we are moving to Guam!

I just informed the school I teach at that my last day will be the last day of the semester in January. We have to report in Guam only 3 months from today! Heath will be taking a PT Tech position at the Naval hospital and I hope to find a teaching position there.

The past week we have been preparing the house for renting it out, we have a date scheduled for the movers to come in December and hope to have someone move in shortly after.

I can’t believe it is really happening. Time is ticking and we will be living on a tropical island in no time. In the mean time we hope to experience as much of Southern California before we leave.

Pics with the other Wilhoits

We were blessed to have Heath’s brother and his wife join us for a week from Seattle. It was very sweet of them to fly down and give up their week off to spend with us. It was our first goodbyes before we leave the country... (more to come)

We took a trip to Mexico for their famous margaritas, and small souvenirs.

It was great to spend time with Rachel; I love having her as a sister!

Most every day this is what the table looked like… our favorite game… Settlers of Catan

After they left this is what the table looked like while I studied for the week

Friday, November 03, 2006

Anniversary and Stuff

I’ve been busy studying for my last test...yikes. At this point, I am attempting to learn the geology of California... I’m having trouble collecting my info though.

My brain is overloaded so I thought I would take a break and send out a quick update:

We had a wonderful anniversary! Heath had the whole evening planned and I couldn't have been more surprised. First, our friend Danny had everything set up to give me an hour long massage (she is wonderful!), then we had dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant, then we drove to San Diego for the Jungle Fantasy Cirque du Soleil, then on the way home we stopped at the ocean and danced under the stars to a CD Heath had put together for us. It was a wonderful evening.

All last week Michael and Rachel were visiting us from Seattle. It was great to spend time with family! I'll post pics soon.

This week I have been grading tons of student work, crunching numbers and filling in report card grades. Any free moment I have I am studying for my test (it is tomorrow.) I don't quite feel as prepared for this one as I had for the other tests... and this is supposed to be the most specialized...

Life has just been so busy.

I really miss connecting with everyone, hopefully when the test is over.