Sunday, June 17, 2007

Good Bye for Now

We hooked up with a small group shortly after we arrived on Guam. They are fabulous and welcomed us in like we had been with them for years. This past Tuesday we had almost the whole gang out to our place for dinner. Four of the six other couples are PCSing... (being restationed) Three of the four leave this week/end... We will miss them greatly. We had a great evening and loved being a part of your community.

This photo was shot from our balcony... on timer... 10 second timer. The first try I did not even make it close to running around the porch, down the hill, around the flower bed, between the cars and across the yard. The second time, I sprinted faster than I think I ever have and just made it. If the picture would have taken once I landed, I would have blocked half of the Malloy family... thankfully it caught me in the air, not blocking any ones beautiful little face!

From a small island to a small world...
we will meet again...

Thursday, June 14, 2007

California Clear Credential!

After living in CA for just over 3 years, teaching a crazy schedule there for 2 1/2, taking 6 classes, and studying for 6 monster tests (equivalent to majoring in the test subject matter) and completing them all by January (we left in February) I submitted my application for a clear credential just in time to leave CA. I knew it was necessary to be "No Child Left Behind" compliant, and it would look good to have a CA and MI credential, but really I thought, all that hell for that? I must be crazy.... I wasn't... this week I was surprised.

My credential now reads:

"This document authorizes the holder to teach the subject area(s) listed above in grades twelve and below, including preschool, and in classes organized primarily for adults."

Doesn't that mean I can teach Art or Geosciences to any age... well, except pre-preschool?

Now, I can actually dream again about teaching art... I am not limited to 7-12th grade (even thought they are my favorite). But now I am going to go check out all of my many options.

p.s. I had an interview...sort of... for a Guam Public School down south. They have two middle school science positions and an art position available, the art would only be a possibility if the sciences were filled first... it is about a 25-30 minute drive... I have mixed feelings about it. This is the hard part, I will make the most of where ever I am, but I no longer feel like I am so limited. So, now I look and wait, look and wait.