Friday, April 29, 2011

Condo in Oceanside


We spend many weekends and many hours working on
our home preparing to put it on the market.

After only 3 weeks on the market we were in Escro!
It is a huge relief to be home-free :)

Friday, April 15, 2011


Tons of travels, trials, and transitions.
A tremendous thanks to those terrific, trusted travelers who's time, tears, treats, and thoughtfulness took us through some terrific, tough and trying times.
Treasuring all of you!

New Years: Goodbye Guam

January: Time to Travel

Australia and Palau

February-March: The Great Lakes

Dive School in Chicago
Heath's 30th Birthday: Rubics Surprise

April: On the Move Again

Moving to the Mojave Desert
Thill Family Reunion in Kentucky

May: Rachel Graduating Law School

Ma and Pa made it possible for me to be there to celebrate!

June: Catching Up With My Girlies

Meeting Jada, Holly's sweet little girl
Good times with the Lovely Lisa


Mama Millers gift to us kiddos

I Heart Family!

Hookin up with the Alaskan Crew
Saying goodbye to my biggest buddy :(

August- September I have the COOLEST job ever!

At the grave of "last gunfight of the Wild West"
Heath hiking with his bro Cascade Mountains

October: My Sissy's First Baby!!!

Rachel as beautiful as ever!
Bonding with my new nephew!

November: No Fun at all... BIG time drama with the HOA for our condo in Oceanside (beginning the long treacherous process of preparing to put it on the market)

December: The Holidays

Ended the year with a wonderful visit from the "Other Wilhoit's"