Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Joy of GROWING!

The day we found out our lives were about to be filled with an unimaginable great joy, Heath had just gotten out of his wheelchair and was using crutches (woohoo for both of us!) Well, what is a guy to do with two broken heals, bursting with excitement, when the typical thing to do is jump up and down in excitement?... I'm so glad you asked, because he did what any overjoyed man would do... flop around on the bed like a fish out of water, while squealing with joy of course! 
It was a beautiful memory forever ingrained in my mind. 

And pregnancy, oh the magical time of sleeping a lot, eating a lot, and growing A LOT! I was in heaven, and it was oh so surreal to be growing a little human being!

You gotta love the belly shots, well I do, no that is an understatement, I adore them!  Lookout if it weirds you out, I'm gonna be cooing over your baby bump too!  It is such a short season of time that these precious little miracles are growing, being nurtured and preparing for life on the outside of their mama's belly.

Belly Shots


She's Here!



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