Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Heath and Rhianon have finally entered the world of blogging.

We thought this would be an appropriate time to keep people updated on what is going on here in the life of the Wilhoit's. Currently we are in Thailand and hope to record more of our adventures and post pictures once we are back home in California.

The next few months will be full of change as we embrace the journey ahead. Heath will be deploying to Kuwait on September 1st to work as a physical therapy tech in a fleet (tent) hospital. He will be there 6 months.

So far my plan is to stay in California and work at the same school I have this past year but only as a part time art teacher.

We desire to keep you a part of our story. There will be much to share with you all in the days ahead.

Heath and Rhianon


Ben.. said...

yeah, you have a blog!

can't wait to read about your adventures...

have you tried the durian yet?

FaithChristine said...

Hello Rhianon! So glad to hear about your updates. Will definately be posting more, but for now I gotta run. love you and praying for your time in Asia! :-)

Michael said...

The Wilhoit's have a blog!!! That might be a good idea for Rachel and I in the future huh? Hey I would love to hear about your hearts and hurts in the days to come. Keep us in the loop! Very much looking forward to seeing ya'll in August! Love ya, Michael