Saturday, July 23, 2005

July 21, 2005
We are home! We got in yesterday afternoon and have been sleepy and groggy ever since; still trying to adjust to the time difference. We tried to stay awake all day even though our bodies were telling us it is time to sleep. We then were exhausted and tried to sleep the whole night even though our bodies were telling us it was now time to be awake.

Today, Heath woke up very early and when I finally rolled out of our comfy bed, he was ready to catch some surf, so we headed to our favorite beach (end of Oceanside Blvd.) Straight from there we went to Souplantation for lunch. Yummy, all you can eat salad, soup and baked goods.

Oh, it feels so good to sleep in our own bed and have a variety of food to choose from. I like Thai food but I love having the options here: Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, Italian, fresh veggies, etc.

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