Sunday, July 24, 2005

We still don't have any of the pictures in our possession yet, nor do we know how to post them even if we did have them. But for those of you dying to see some pictures from our trip (mom Wilhoit) my fabulous friend Lisa has a wonderful assortment on her blog. I must say she summed up the trip very well with a variety of pictures of all of us, great commentary (she writes for Valley Center Newspaper) and she is just one of my most wonderful new friends who makes me laugh all the time, she is very witty. Those are three good reasons to check out her blog. ( I also have not yet figured out how to make it a direct link from my blog to hers, so, sorry you will have to type it in yourself. Enjoy.

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The Shib said...


Hey do you wanna be president of my fan club?

Oh and I like you too!