Sunday, October 09, 2005

Our very dear friends Ryan and Holly have left Oceanside.

To Heath and I, they have been a God-send; two friends that have played a large part in our life and marriage;

encouragement through the tough times,
mentors through the crazy times,
inspiration through the lost times,
challenging through the dry times,
close family all the time…

They are the type of people that once we met we instantly felt like they had been a part of our lives for years and that no matter where our paths end up taking us we will still have that time to look back on; that time we connected.

Though they are busy and talented people, have a multitude of friends and are loved by all, they still made time to connect with us, believe in us, share life with us, and struggle through questions with us. It was just what we needed our first two years of marriage.

Heath and I will miss them dearly and hope for the best for them. I am excited they have this time pack up and go, spend quality time together and gain wisdom from those they run into along the way. This season has been fruitful, whether they see it or not, they have made a significant impact on our journey; we are different (better) people because of them.

Thank you Sharps…We love you!

As a bonus to this sad time…they did leave their sister Lisa, who has moved in with Rachel and I this week.

Fun times to come!

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Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Love you guys. Treat the girl well, ey?