Saturday, October 15, 2005

Suprise Party Photos

We had bathing suit costumes from the early 1900's waiting for Heath and Myself. Check out those bathing beauties.

Are they both cooking in PJ's?

Somehow we got Heath cooking for his own party, it always seems to go that way...

While the wives enjoy the food...I love a good turkey dinner!

The Fullers (Scubby gang) and friends came down from Corona: Lots of valentines love in the air

The Sharps: Primary Colors standing by the Christmas tree

Herb, Brooke and Matt hang out by the Halloween candy

The Granquest family celebrating the New Year

Nyoka and Tam (our good friends that both work with Heath) Nyoka's shirt says, "coming this fall," any day now! Tam so graciously took Heath out dirt bike riding the morning of the party so I could help set up...Thank you Tam!

The Breyers (I work with Michelle) Excellent costumes! Thanks for sharing. (She provided the matching costumes for Heath and I.)

Happy Birthday Heath! Enjoy your iPod, friends put their own playlists together for him to listen to, we also filled it with photos to remember us while he is away.

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Tam said...

Awesome PARTY, and wonderful friends. Would not have missed this party. I enjoyed taking Heath out riding that Saturday and I'll be glad to take him out again when we both come home form the Middle East. Heath, the dirt bike is anixously waiting for your return...