Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas thoughts

I slept in late today…I must still be on CA time plus vacation. I spent what seems like forever on the phone today going from the house to cell phone back and forth.

We went to Mars Hill tonight for the service, (they do it during the week to free up Christmas weekend so people can just relax with their family,) and the press gives them grief. Can you believe it? Just because the 25th of December is when our culture chooses to celebrate the birth of Jesus doesn’t mean that we can’t/don't celebrate this historical event while savoring the time to connect with family and the beautiful traditions that foster this time. In my opinion adding another “event” to an already full day will take away from time to relax with and visit all families.

Don’t get me wrong it will be nice to worship with my childhood-home church Sunday am, but I will admit that my time with my family, my grandparents, Heath’s mom’s family, and Heath’s dad’s family all in one day is a lot to fit in, and my time with each group will be spread thin.

At least Monday will be with my dad’s side of the family. Then Tuesday-Thursday my immediate family will be taking a surprise trip to create memories. That will be good quality time! I sure will miss having Heath a part of it! This has been hard to not have him here!!!

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