Sunday, December 11, 2005

Update from the HEATH Man

(Heath sent this for me to post)

Well it has been some time sense I have talked with a lot of people/family, you know. So here is an update of what’s been going on with me here in Kuwait. Each day passing by with an almost normal routine just like back in the states, but you know each day has it wrenches too.

Well, my contact with my wife is an ever-changing schedule, some days I will be able to talk with her for an hour and other days only 5 minutes. Normally on Sundays I will be able to talk with her more, it is my only day off each week. If it was up to me, I would like to work each day so time would go by fast. Just can’t wait to see my wife again.

I tell you what, when you are away from you best friend\ spouse you have this new longing set in your heart that has a beat of it own. At times it is a low beating feeling and others it is a load percussion sound that is felt in my chest and the look a pond my face. Like my wife said one time or another, I just don’t feel whole without you by my side. These last three months here I have truly learned what those words that Steve Welch used on the day of our wedding “two hearts coming together to make one“. Some times I feel that I am walking around here without half my body, not knowing how to act, react, interact, and even relate with others without Rhianon by my side. It is kind of hard for me to become friends with other people, it feels that I am cheating them cause they are only getting to know me and not my better half. That is where all the bragging comes into play; I like doing this.

I have been so proud of my wife; she has been taking care of everything back on the home front. Also I am so thankful for my sister Rachel for being there, helping a ton and just being a great friend & sister to my wife during this time of separation. I could never thank her enough!

In short I can’t wait to be that husband physically back by my wife’s side.

Well, with my time off after work or on Sundays I do keep myself busy. One big thing is that I have been training with two other people on running. We are working up to a half marathon slowly, it has been fun. I never though I would say that running is fun but for the time it is. We are running about 20-25 miles a week, broken up, with Sundays our long run day. Right now on our long days we are up to 8 miles and by the end of February we will be running 13.1 miles each Sunday. During the week, in-between running, I am lifting weights. My last 5k run was on Thanksgiving Day. I ran a 20:40, beating my last Halloween 5k by two minutes. The races, running with a few hundred people are fun. I had never done it before I came out here.

Oh just to let you know this is a very large base and everything I do is on base. We really never go off unless it is work related. I walk everywhere that I need to go each day: the chow hall, PX (General Store), small movie theater, barbershop, and the gym.

Not too much to look at around here, just a whole lot of sand. It has been cooling down here also, not as hot as it was when we first got here. It has been getting down to the 40’s at night and 70’s during the day. I guess we are coming up on the rainy season, that’s what everyone is saying. So much, do I wish, I could be spending this time back in MI with some snow on the ground. I will be missing Christmas with family, maybe next year.

Well for now, those are the main things that have been going on for me around here in the sand box. Miss you all!

Love Heath


Anonymous said...

Hi you two - Carol here from the Rotrock's.
I check your site from time to time and it was great hearing form the Heathmeister too.
Have a wonderful Christmas - two hearts joined - time and space cannot change.

Trevor Deck said...

Rhianon, I want to see if you have time to hang out with us while we are only over in Escondido... email me from my blog if you can't find my email. I couldn't find yours... or your phone number. We'd love to hang out!

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Thinking about you two around Christmastime. Hope you're both well. Cheers.

- Ryan and Holly