Thursday, February 23, 2006

Heath's next couple weeks

Heath comes home soon! I can’t believe it is finally almost time! We have a little more than two weeks left! Life here has been flying…Thank you God!

Heaths tentative timeline:

Today he left for Qatar (I think); he gets to spend a few days getting away from work there to take a little retreat, and do things like water sports and study.

When he gets back to Kuwait he has to take his advancement test (on his birthday)

His replacement will also be there for him to train

He will move back into the tents and prepare for coming home.


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tam said...

Glad to hear that is getting time away from work. I hope he is enjoying his fun time at Qatar. Also glad to hear that his tour of duty in Kuwait is ending, too bad I will not be there to welcome him home. Since I wont be there to welcome him home, I'll just send him this message, Welcome Heath!!!