Sunday, March 26, 2006

So Much to do! So Many People to See!

Since Heath has been home we have been able to hang out with so many friends. It has been great!

Saturday we had an open house BBQ…man I have missed grilled food!

Sunday our good friends Ben and Chara hooked us up with an airship tour, better known as a blimp ride.
It was amazing to see all of San Diego from the air!
I got a little queasy on the way up, but once we leveled off and I pulled myself together I was able to soak it in.

This was our ship... hard to miss!

Afterwards we went out for San Diego's best BBQ, it really was good. Then we met up with Lisa at BJ’s for a pizzooka; a warm giant cookie the size of a pizza, with a ton of ice cream melting on top. I wish I had taken a picture of this heavenly cookie.

Wednesday we had the new church I have been attending at our place for dinner. We made Aunt Tammie’s delicious Thai dinner…everyone loved it!

Friday we had dinner with our old friends from Texas, David and Katie and Jake and Jess came down form Corona. Josh joined us around midnight and all 3 fullers spent the night and all day Sat. with us. I had to work:(. But everyone else hooked up with the Cotes and went to the REI used sale and found great deals. That evening we went to Pizza Port for great pizza and a light honey ale. Again no pictures…hmm I need to work on that.

Great time with Great friends!

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Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

So glad that the last couple weeks have been great to get to be together and have good times with great people. Lots of love and best wishes, hope your trip is going fabulously. Loves, Tracy