Monday, July 10, 2006

Fun with the Wilhoits

The Fabulous Rachel and Michael Wilhoit

Check out Heath's mad skiing skills

This is new for me... I actually got up on my first try and look, time 3 or something, I made it over the wake!

Michael and Rachel skied with us as well, I just don't have pics of them, but Rachel and I shared the great accomplishment of skiing around the lake a couple times as beginners!

That blur is Michael jumping from the where I am taking the picture. Those white things are huge trampolines.

That is Heath flying over Michael's head.

I don't have pictures from 4th of July at the lake with friends, beach day on Lake Michigan, the tour of Michael and Heath's childhood, or the many games of "Settlers of Catan." But as you can imagine the time spent together was wonderful!

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