Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Miller Mania

The drive through the night was not bad. I was planning on sleeping and giving Heath a break; instead we talked the whole night and once we made it into Michigan and the sun was up, we took turns sleeping until we arrived in Standish, MI. The drive was supposed to take 11 hours but we did hit morning traffic it ended up 13 1/2.

We had a fun packed couple of days! We set up about 6 tents in Grandmas back yard.

Saturday evening we had a softball tournament. It was fun for me to see Heath playing with my family. (He had only met them at Russ and Amy's wedding and then our own... so it was great for them to get to know him and vice versa!)

Sunday all the major festivities began:

Bochi ball tournaments

The water balloon toss, and then water balloon war.

We had a scavenger hunt (Heath kept the crew occupied while it was being set up)

This is where the batteries in my camera died. I hope to get more pics soon!

Other highlighs include; Grandma spending the whole day with us, lots of laughs and catching up, volleyball until past dark, and our last day we took a canoe trip down the Rifle River with about 12 canoes.

It was wonderful to finally spend another Miller mania with everyone.


Tam said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun. Tam will be able to come home a month earlier. Can't wait. Then the 5 of us (counting Dominic) can go hang out at the beach.

Sorry to hear about the car troubles, but remember in the end God has a plan for everything that happens. Even the smallest of things.

Well continue to enjoy your vacation, take care and be safe.

Love ya'll,
The Duong's

Sean, Kelli & Jonah said...

So sorry we couldn't make it to your get together! Glad to hear you are doing good. Congrats on your new adventure. Have Fun! Hope to talk to you soon!