Monday, October 16, 2006

Test # 5

I passed!


The test I bout died taking...
The one I was sick as a dog during...
The monster I felt like was laughing at me...

Yes, this test I speak of is #5 of six...

I conquered it.
It is over.
It is finished.
It is history.

I don’t know how well I did and I don't really care. I did enough to check it off the list.

What does this mean you say?

This means that I have 2 1/2 weeks to study for my last test (the hardest and most specialized of the science tests.) And once I pass... I will be "no child left behind" compliant and will have proved to california that I know my stuff and michigan did in fact teach me the things I need to know. (This test specializes on ca geology... I haven't taken any classes on ca-anything.)

Five years after taking some of the classes that ca expects, I have worked hard to review, relearn and learn for the first time.

I am in fact, a professional.


Matt & Jen said...

Congratulations! That is awsome that you passed. It is so fun to be able to keep up with what is going on in your life. :-) Especially when one is on the opposite side of the country.

Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

Congrats my dear, I am so very proud. All the hard work and studying is going to pay off in the end. We are praying for you and know that you will conquer the last test as well. WOOHOO!!!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on a job well done. I have been bugging Heath to find out whether you passed or not. I had no doubt that you would doing anything but pass. Congrats.

Also, Congrats are in order for the both of you. Today marks year #3 of marriage. Great job it certainly is awesome to be able to share your life w/someone whom you care a great deal about.

Love ya'll,
The Duong family

Aubrey said...
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Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

Happy Happy Anniversary to you both. And in the same country this year! Way to go guys, blessings for many more years together. Loves Dan,Tracy and Gracelyn Rae

Anonymous said...

Hey - I have a little anniversary gift for you. maybe a late wedding present. BUT I have no address or email! Send me yours and I'll send you ours.

nick inc at mac dot com


chara said...

congrats you smarty pants..

Russ and Amy said...

Awesome! congrats... woo hoo! (i only say that for big occasions like this)