Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Worlds Apart

“Worlds Apart” has been an appropriate title the past 16 months and will continue to be for a few more years.

…Living thousands of miles from our families, this has been a place we have been able to keep loved ones posted on what we we’ve been up to…

…We started our blog on our travels to Thailand, to share our pictures and stories…

…Six weeks later Heath left for Kuwait and this was how many of us were able to communicate with him…

…Well, we have one more reason to keep the title… we are moving to Guam!

I just informed the school I teach at that my last day will be the last day of the semester in January. We have to report in Guam only 3 months from today! Heath will be taking a PT Tech position at the Naval hospital and I hope to find a teaching position there.

The past week we have been preparing the house for renting it out, we have a date scheduled for the movers to come in December and hope to have someone move in shortly after.

I can’t believe it is really happening. Time is ticking and we will be living on a tropical island in no time. In the mean time we hope to experience as much of Southern California before we leave.


chara said...

oh no.. you blogged about it.. that means it's real..

Anonymous said...

Hi Nannon!

Time is flying by and before you know it, you will be in Guam. Please know that we will pray for both of you as God prepares the way for you and prepares your hearts for being there. We will pray that you will both have peace as you start another new chapter in the book of your lives!

Love you guys and God Bless you muchly through all the preparations and goodbyes!
Dave and Wendy C.

Matt & Jen said...

GUAM!! Wow that is amazing. I can't wait to read more about your adventure. I am very excited for you and will be praying that you are both able to adjust to your new area and enjoy your time there.