Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Condition Of Readiness (COR)

The Conditions of Readiness are based on the onset of damaging winds of 39 mph sustained to the island.

* Damaging winds may arrive on-island within 72 hours
* Normal day to day activities

* Damaging winds may arrive within 48 hours
* Review, update your family disaster plan
* Buy & replenish supplies for your disaster supply kit
* Fill up car(s) with gas
* Secure outdoor objects
* Prepare household for long term power & water loss (laundry, outdoor cooking, etc.)
* Tune into radio and / or television

* Damaging winds may arrive within 24 hours
* Close & secure shutters
* Fill containers with water
* Move vehicles to a secure & protected area
* Review Family Disaster Plan with entire family
* Seek Emergency Shelter if home is not fully concrete or prepared to withstand damaging winds.
* Tune into radio and / or television.

* Damaging winds are occuring or expected within 12 hours
* Only Mission Essential Personnel & Vehicles Allowed Outside
* Tune into radio and / or television


chara said...

thanks for the updates.. i'm reading them all.. it helps ease my worry..

Jared and Melanie said...

whats up rhianon, this is your skating partner way back in the day when we lived in a house for about 2 months and then got kicked out... remember?? life has definitely changed for you and me since we last saw each other... well now i know how to keep in touch :) gotta love technology... cya guys