Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tsunami and Typhoon Warning Lifted

This was the day that Guam had both Typhoon and Tsunami warnings. I was so excited! Anyway, I was to report to the hospital for the duration of the storm and come home when it was over. But old mother nature had different plans, the Typhoon blew north and we never got the Tsunami due to some other land structures around the Marianas Islands. So at the end of the work day I was able to come home to my wife still getting ready for the Typhoon. The first words out of my mouth were "surfs up". So Rhianon joined me to take some pic's, thank you Rhianon for being a super trooper though all the rain and wind. I was also missing my friend Chris from CA encouraging me to paddle hard for the set waves. This was the only day I was able to get out in the nice weather. I can't wait until the next Typhoon. Hope you enjoy the pictures from my gorgeous wife.