Monday, July 09, 2007

Tropical Storm Man-Yi

Heath is on big time damage control. He woke up Monday morning and stepped out of bed into a puddle of water that he discovered extended into our closet. He then proceeded to enter the rest of the house and found our large air con unit was clogged because of all the leaves that were blown into it and it was leaking water into the dinning room. All of our front patio furniture and the grill had blown across the front of our house, around the corner and was lined up along the side railing of our wrap around patio.

The eye of the storm traveled just south of Guam, so the counterclockwise wind bands are hitting the east side of the island straight on. They are blowing 50 mile/hour winds directly into our house. All the leaves are off the trees and the waves crashing on the reef are about 20 ft. Heath says he can't imagine 100m/h winds that come with some Typhoons.

The power was out for only a couple hours when he got home from work so he fired up the generator. He has to ring out the towels catching the water every 3 hours or so.

He is going to have to call for help to put up the shutters at least for our bedroom window. There is no way he can carry them with his injured shoulder, let alone in 50m/h winds, climb the ladder and boost himself up to the window. It sounds like things are crazy there!

To view the satellite color loop check out the link below.

(Guam is located at 13*N. Latitude and 144*E. Longitude)

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