Thursday, August 30, 2007

This Weeks Top 40

While I was off island, my substitute had one of my classes write to me about what they wanted get out of my science class.

(1-10 is from one student… so random.)

1. I would like to know how they made animals
2. Who made up the name fire?
3. How did they make water?
4. Who invented the light bulb'?
5. Who discovered volcanos and lava?
6. Who invented desks?
7. Who invented shoes?
8. How did they make paper?
9. Who invented backpacks?
10. Who came up with the word pencial?
11. How does the sun stay up?
12. What is the most poisiend plant that will hurt you in 60 seconds?
13. How does the center of the earth look like?
14. I want to know how a shock wave from a bomb can kill one person
15. Why do we have ants and snacks on earth?
16. Why do they call it a Coco Bird?
17. I want to learn everything that happens in space.
18. I want to learn about how do mold get on food
19. I want to learn, why do ships disapaire when their in Burmuta triangle
20. How fire was made with out gas or a lighter
21. I would like to learn why there are different nationalities
22. Mrs. Wilhoit can come any day.
23. How do we grow hair?
24. How does earth rotate?
25. Why does fish breath in water?
26. How does earth float?
27. Why do they got 4 different kinds of ocean?
28. Why does a dog have 4 legs?
29. How dow rokist get blast off in the blue sky?
30. Why dose elefint get so big?
31. How do people become hard workers?
32. How was salt water created?
33. Who invented cloths?
34. I want to know who was the first human to live
35. How do animals live without food?
36. How a star makes itself?
37. Why mushrooms only grow when it’s raining season?
38. What are all the names of are body parts?
39. How come magnits push the other when its same side as the other, but when it is opusite they stick together?
40. I would like to learn how to make potions

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