Friday, October 26, 2007

Rain, Storm, FIRE, WIND, Kum-ba-ya

As rainy season is in full force here on Guam, our home in California is experiencing quite the opposite, as it faces the threat of the fire-storm.

Our place is safe and our tenants and friends doing well, struggling with the air quality, but safe and even back to work. It has been hard to keep up with what is going on back there but we do know that things are dying down, the winds have changed direction and Oceanside has remained untouched. It is as if God's hand has been on our surrounding area.

Surrounded by fires to the East (the school I worked at) to the South (just beyond the coffee shop I worked at) and North (Camp Pendleton where Heath worked) we have just been on the edge of our seats. We have been concerned as we have heard people are being evacuated all around our place, some of the major freeways are shut down, and reports stating the only thing stopping the fire is the ocean. Ahhhh, at this point things look much better and we don't expect to say, "buh bye cute lil o-side condo"

Check out Ben and Chara's blog, they live only 3 miles from our place and have been documenting all along, people are even finding refuge in their home. Thank you all for your prayers and concerns. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

Check out the google map of the fire

Does anyone else know the upbeat kumbaya, you know with motions and everything... "rain, storm, fire, wind, kumbaya?"

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Howie Snyder said...

I know the tune and words, but I don't know any motions for it.