Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas with the family that adopted Heath and I. We were even in on the gift exchange and there were lots of jokes about us hyphenating our last name. They really have welcomed us in as their own. Though we miss our family and friends back home dearly, we are blessed to have people here to spend the holidays with. We felt so loved by the gifts they gave us!

After tons of great food, cousin BJ's amazing dance group performed for the family... Auntie Bic Bic is part one of the dancers so they encouraged her get up an join them... she is in the purple. We just think this little guy in the front is so cute! And the little girls with garland, plumerias and coconuts... truly a tropical Christmas.

I just love watching the cute mother dancers perform... they have such grace and elegance and their smiles just beam... it is beautiful!

I think the teens had fun with this one!

And the grand finale dance these ladies choose men from the family to join them... one of the cousins choose Heath... it was a hoot! They were hilarious, all of the guys were funny especially the Uncles... they really got into it.

Heath was my favorite though... he was great at cheezing it up too!

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chara said...

heath does like to move it move it..