Friday, July 18, 2008

Art Goodies

Hey Everyone! It is almost 2 am and I can't sleep, so thought I would get this out there in hopes that my brain will slow down a little bit.

There is a huge possibility that I will be teaching art this year (things can change up until the minute I begin though) So, I want to be prepared for either art or science.

I have not checked out the art supplies (the Attorney General has condemned the art room so it is currently under construction) but I heard there is not much at all and there is definitely no $$ (I mean I still might not have air condition!) So, I am planning on starting from scratch. I can attempt to collect a small supply fee from the students so that will help. But if anyone has anything laying around and would like to donate it, I would be glad to take it off your hands and promise it will go to great use.

Right now I am in search of art prints (from famous artists or time periods... ex. Monet or Surrealism, etc.) If anyone has old calendars or posters, or finds any on clearance, please let me know! I have in the past focused on:
  • Early Art: Primitive, Folk, Medieval, Gothic, Renaissance. Realism, Impressionism
  • 20th Century: Cubism, Fauvism, Abstract, Surrealism, Non-Objective, Pop Art
As far as supplies, I usually try to teach with a variety of mediums (tempera and watercolor paint, chalk, oil pastels, colored pencil, marker, drawing pencils, colored paper, anything 3-D)

So, there it is. If anyone has anything or knows where I would be able to order it for a good price let me know (oh yeah, everything is expensive out in town.) Thanks so much.

Missing you all,


Jayna Rosentreter (Berry) said...

I will brainstorm on that, I know how that can be bieng an art teacher myself. I will see if I have doubles of posters which I think I may.

al said...

Heath and Rhiannon! Wow! I ran across your blog hopping over from old Campus Life people's blogs.
1) I had no idea you two got married. Congrats!
2) You're in the Navy. That's awesome. My husband is in the Air Force, but we're stationed in boring old Ohio--no tropical islands for us.
3) I loved reading about your life. I'm so happy for you two!

~Allison (Shively) Hornback
(from BHBC and Rockford CL days)

Maol-Eown Kamea said...


I think I can help you if you would like! I am an AFTB instructor now (Army Family Team Building) and we just went through a ton of art supplies in the Children's Clarkmoor Center here on post. The funds for art supplies here are abundent and instead of just throwing out stuff I can take a picture of what we have and you can tell me what you need! We also have a craft center here on post and so many art supplies are wasted, I can find out what Clarie is planning on doing with the odds and ends which come out of that department! Let me know, we would be glad to help!