Thursday, July 10, 2008

What's the Catch?

Spear Fishing... at night... believe it!
This IS Heath and Chase we are talking about.

Heath, Chase and our friend Phil went fishing the other night and came home with this... not exactly dinner.

Guam has had a huge problem with Brown Tree Snakes, they are an exotic species that hitched a ride over on a plane and have no predators here so are a problem all over the island and have sadly wiped out most of the bird species and who knows what else (just not the chickens.)

He is really over 6ft long!

I really wanted to keep it... I mean look how beautiful it is!

But if it were to ever get loose and back out in the jungle, I would not be helping out the biodiversity of Guam now would I!?

Last night just Heath and Chase went out and this is what Chase got... wow!
It is a Parrot Fish... isn't it beautiful!

Can't wait to eat him... they are really delicious!
They have also seen sea turtles and huge blow fish... and tons more, that is all they tell me.

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