Saturday, July 23, 2005

July 23, 2005

Tonight has been the worst so far as for sleep. I have been tossing and turning and can’t keep my eyes shut. The moon is bright and Heath is sleeping lightly, so I am sure my tossing and turning is not helping his rest. I have wanted to adjust back to CA time naturally but I might just have to take something to help me sleep.

My exciting news for today is my sister Rachel is going to move out here. I could not be more excited, it will be great to have her here to keep me company while Heath is in Kuwait. She said that the timing couldn’t be better. She finishes her cosmetology school in MI one week before Heath leaves and her and Chase come to visit me. So she will probably just stay and start the process of being able to do hair and take the CA state boards. I could not be more excited! She also said something along the lines of I helped raise her it is now her time to take care of me while Heath is gone. Isn’t she great!

Well I am off to try and sleep again...

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