Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I am so tired but cannot sleep.
I am going on tossing and turning now for two hours.
This is frustrating!
I do go back to school tomorrow for teacher prep and meetings,
school starts Monday.
So my mind is going over a million things right now.
Things I can't do anything about…
But still cannot stop…Wondering…

Wondering what my students will be like
Wondering if I will be more the teacher I would like to be
Wondering if I will enjoy teaching just art
Wondering if I will be bored part time
Wondering if I should take these after school art jobs with elementary…yikes.
Wondering what it will be like to live with my sister again
Wondering what it will be like to be separated from Heath
Wondering what to wear tomorrow
Wondering if blogging will do the trick and help me sleep

1 comment:

FaithChristine said...

I hope blogging did the trick for you! You've always been wonderful at whatever you encouraged. love ya, your old housemate, faith :-)