Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The breathtaking Mt Shasta on our trip home...

We got in late last night. Our total trip back home was 23 hours, 20 of which were driving. Leaving after the wedding it was our goal to drive straight back. We did stop for a 2-hour nap at 4am and stopped for lunch to break up the day.

I was brave and did drive Heath’s car, my last experience driving a stick was 10 months ago and I was convinced it was my last. But I attempted twice at a rest stop and both the reverse and getting it into first gear were very smooth, so off we were. This was after we got out of the mountains in Northern Cali for a couple of hours and again once out of Sacramento and before LA to avoid me driving in city traffic.

I had it all figured out, if there were problems at all; such as traffic being routed off the freeway or traffic stops or checkpoints, I was just going to pull over and let Heath take the wheel. No more stopping on hills with the whole freeway flying to a screeching halt on my tail, while I continue to roll backwards on the off ramp. (Can you tell I was scarred?) I did very well and was glad to let Heath catch some rest.

The wedding was very nice and the service was creative and very well done. I was glad to be there to help set up, arrange flowers, and add my own little creative touches. I hope that it was the perfect day for them and they were able to enjoy it all.

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