Sunday, August 07, 2005

Our trip

We left Southern California on Tuesday afternoon and drove 750 miles to Ukiah. Our travels consisted mostly of, Highway 101 and Highway 1, all the way up to Northern California. It was a beautiful drive.

We grabbed a hotel, slept in and started back on the 101 and spent all of Friday exploring the coastline and the redwood forest.

We only traveled 150 miles but had a great time together! We camped off of the 199 at a National Forest Campground, next to a river. Our first time camping together, Mom and Dad Miller, the tent you got for us is incredible! It was a warm night so we slept with the top cover off, so it felt as though we were sleeping directly under the stars, and we heard the waterfall and river all night. It was great being back in the peaceful outdoors.

Thursday we woke up very early and got back on the road. We got into Olympia Washington on Thursday afternoon, settled into our friends Nick and Alyssa’s place. Heath and Nick talked about cooking and Alyssa and I chatted constantly about teaching art. Her twin sister, Tamara, of whom both were my roommates back in college in Michigan, is home from Tibet China. So we were all able to catch up Thursday and Friday, share pictures and stories and finally exchange emails so we will be able to keep in touch much better.
I really, really miss them!

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