Sunday, September 11, 2005

I finished my gigantic test! Hopefully I have passed.

I have completed one more piece of the puzzle for my California Teaching Credential. By December 16th I need to be “No Child Left Behind” compliant in order to keep my job. So I have had three huge CA tests to complete and pass. If I pass the test I took today then I will be done with tests and only have my CLAD classes to complete. There are four-30 hour video classes I have to complete. This summer I almost completed classes 1-3 between our Thailand and Seattle trips. Before I knew it I was back at school, we were preparing for Heath to go and spending as much time together as possible. So studying for today’s test and finishing up my classes was put on hold.

This week has been interesting; with Heath gone I have had to spend all of my time cramming for this huge test, while my sister has no choice but to fend for herself and take care of me. She has been absolutely fabulous; cooking, cleaning, helping me look things up online, massage the kinks in my back and comfort me when I have been sad!

As far as the update with Heath…last I talked to him was last night, they had just arrived in Germany and were getting ready to travel again. There were no specific details because it is top secret when transporting that many troops. It has been so good to be able to talk with him all week; it has allowed me to focus on studying and not on his absence.

Friday however was a tough day. This was peace week at school and Friday we wore red, white and blue in remembrance of 9/11, the troops serving and events with Katrina. This was also the day Heath flew out of CA, so in his honor I wore his white and blue.

I shared tears with one of my students who has been letting me know quite often that he doesn’t feel good. This time I realized that there was so much more to this than just a headache. When I asked him about things at home he began to sob and told me his dad had died 4 months ago and he was having a rough day. It was so good for me to comfort and care for him. Every time I get emotional with Heath's absent I am reminded of all of the positives, all we have to be thankful for and that I am needed here.

But man I sure do miss him. I have just been so distracted. Now on to the next distractions...right?

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