Monday, September 05, 2005

So it is official, one day shy of two months anticipation, Heath is off. He is up north until Friday doing the same training that he did back in June. We are bummed that he will be so close but unable to visit or have visitors. He does have cell phone service up there and has already called me tonight.

Good byes were hard but very quick. The commanding officer of the hospital gave me his card and many other service members convinced me that if I need anything at all to contact them and soon they will be in contact with me about all the inside info on Kuwait.

Rachel and Chase have been fabulous! They are taking great care of me, giving me lots of hugs, sharing tears with me and enjoying giant bowls of ice cream whith me. Aren't they great? A sister couldn't ask for more.

Before we dropped Heath off we went out for Heath’s favorite dinner… you guessed it…Sushi. Heath really wanted to share this food adventure with Rachel and Chase. I was proud of their attempts. I think they liked some of it, Chase more than Rachel.

Using hands to push in what the chopsticks couldn't

You go Chase...Taking it like a champ

Just a little too much for Rachel; too big and too many textures

Yum... I love this stuff and am getting better at devouring the large rolls

This morning we also ate at Heath’s favorite breakfast place; Beach Break CafĂ©. Our friends joined us, prayed for us, got Heath’s great big hugs and said their “see ya later’s”. Again I have to brag about our wonderful friends.

Soon to come…highlights from the surprise party and sushi party

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