Sunday, November 06, 2005

Babies all around

Our good friends Tam and Nyoka just had their first baby boy!

He is absolutely adorable!
Heath is jealous that I got to hold him, and he was only a day old.
Tam and Heath are excited about the little soccer player/fisherman/dirt biker/surfer. Now they have someone to join them!

So many friends of ours are having babies, this is good for us to play with, love on and spoil other peoples kids.
Then we will not need any of our own.

Tam and Nyoka's little boy is Dominic
A friend I work with just had a little boy, Nicholas
My best friend in VA is having a boy in February
Our neighbor was due last week, I think she is at the hospital now.
A couple friends from back home are pregnant

Two years ago I had 14 weddings to go to...
Now it is baby showers.

Welcome to our world Dominic!


Melanie J. R. said...

Count us in too! We're due with our third on May 29th! :) But, really Rhianon, it does mean that you and Heath are off the hook!!!! Your babies would be too cute!
p.s. we're moving back to DC in December. email me sometime. Love ya!

Tam said...

I think it is a sign for you two to think about having kids. Nyoka and I both know that you both would make such wonderful and loving parents. Your kids would be so adorable and good looking!!!

Anonymous said...

No Kids Here!!!!

Not for a while. We have more to experience first.

Although I am glad everyone else is having babies - staves off the impulse for a while.

Hey would you e-mail me? I don't have your address.

Nick Inc - Nick Inc at Mac dot com

Anonymous said...

Not yet time for us, we still have a ton of fun to have together without a little one. It's good our friends have the kids so can play with them at ( their ) house and then go home without them. I am not saying that I don't want kids, just not right now. But then again you never know when it will really come. Good to hear from you Nick, love to take to you about some cooking stuff.


Courtney said...

The thing I love most about babies is how innocent they are. He's adorable!
You look really natural holding him too :) (No hints or suggestions intended!)