Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

So last year my family came out to California, only they got stranded in Chicago for 3 days so spent Christmas there. This year we repeated what they did last year and will probably continue as a family tradition. The whole family runs into Meijer and has to shop for a $10 dirty santa gift all at the same time. We run home wrap them and then draw numbers and take turns choosing a gift or stealing an alreay opened gift.

Dad got two insulated mugs (one with yellow snow in it)
Mom got a miniture cooler
Amy got a glow in the dark vollyball
Russ got 3 goldfish in a large jar (this was my gift)
I got a fondue set and a Bee Gees CD
Rachel got condiments and a shirt that says "Practice safe lunch...use condiments"
Chase got a recorder(like a wooden flute) with a music book

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FaithChristine said...

Rhianon! When do you leave for CA again? Do you have time for a quick visit with me? I would LOVE to see you! ~ Faith