Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Fun

Chrismas day was very busy for me, but full of family!

Went to church with my family...when not an stage doing the music (4 of my talented family members), we took up a whole pew.

It was great to see everyone at Grandma O'Brians...the food was delicous!

Heath called my parents house and we exchanged our gifts with him on speaker phone.
The Miller family Christmas also included Nana and Gramps Thill. Dinner was great and we all were showered with many great gifts.

The evening was spent with the family at Grandma Rices, again great to see everyone...the food looked and smelled delicous, but I had been eating all day!

It was good to talk with Heath. But seemed so unfair that I be able to see everyone and he had to hang out alone. This was the hardest part for me, it jsut didn't feel right. I miss him like I never thought I could. Time please fly quickly!


Tam said...

Rhianon, keep your head up. Heath will be home soon. Then just think, you two will be able to make the trip again & make even more memories. Hope your having fun. Just hang in there and we'll do dinner or something when you return. Take care, God bless & remember that you are always in our prayers. Love you, Nyoka, Tam & Dominic

FaithChristine said...

Hello Rhianon! Hope you made it back safely to so-cal! Thanks so much for taking time to visit. I loved it. Praying for you! Have a fantastic new year! Love you, Faith :-)