Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Day to Play

Today was such a great day to just hang out. Jen and Elijah spent the night last night. It felt like we were in college again, only this time we stayed up talking until 3am and I think our usual was 4am…we must be getting old. It was great to catch up, but then a rough day to chase a toddler around on only a couple hours of sleep. He sure is turning into a little man! And he is so smart, he can say octopus and uses some sign language and it is like he knows exactly what we are talking about all the time. Chase took him out on the tractor and mommy pulled him in the sled. He gave me tons of hugs today also…. I am still catching up! It was wonderful to share the day with the amazing super mom and continue to share life with her.

This evening I went over to Holly’s to hang out, I left very encouraged. It is so nice to have friends that really know and love you and time and distance don’t mean anything. Catching up and picking up where you left off is so easy.

We were talking about being unsettled and the synicism in some of our circles and how that attitude can be so discouraging and frustrating when trying to grow and in seeking out how to best live out God's love. She was so encouraging when she said, Rhianon I think you are someone who is at peace, full of love, and have an intimate relationship with God. Just that conversation helped me realize how much I need to work on and fall short of who I would like to be. I can't let frustration keep me in the same place. I desire more from this life! I desire more from myself.

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Tam said...

Man, I want to play in the snow too.