Monday, December 19, 2005

My birthday top 10

10. Chase woke me up singing (I fell back asleep and slept in late)
9. Relaxing was on the agenda for most of the day
8. Heath called and sang to me and made me laugh and cry (good tears)
7. Nana and Gramps gave me great big hugs
6. Rachel made me mom’s yummy pot roast for dinner
5. I had some delicious sangria and cheesecake
4. Friends and family came over and showered me with hugs, cards and gifts. (thank you all!)
3. I got to see the newest parents to be: Sean and Kelly with her cute belly
2. Baby Elijah sang “Hopp-ee Bah-day“ and gave me hugs and kisses
1. Heath sent me a brand new amazing wet suit! And called me a 2nd time to hear about it!

My surprise ....... The average surf stance....... My surf victory stance

Rachel and Chase had fun blowing up my wet suit and then dancing around with it. What a fun gift! I can't wait to actually use if for what it is supposed to be used for! The waves are calling my name! (Not right now with its 15-20 feet waves...yikes!)

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Tam said...

With the new Roxy Wetsuit, you'll look and ride like a pro. Surfs Up!!!