Sunday, December 04, 2005

December Nights and More

This week was a busy work-week, with appointments and observations and meetings and my BTSA class and tons of work for that. So I still have not done much to my home in a while. Rachel has been very sweet in helping me out with some big projects around here, things that I have only been able to think about when I crash into bed after a long day wishing there were more hours in a day or that I could function on less sleep and somehow have more energy. So that has been a big help.

This weekend we had a lot of fun. Friday night I took her to the extremely crowded Pizza Port for dinner and realized when we left they were celebrating the 9th annual Strong Ale Festival. No wonder it was sooooo packed. I somehow ended up with a free t-shirt and didn’t even have anything to drink. We stopped by more of our great friends, Ben and Chara’s and made plans for Saturday...

What a great, fun filled day. First we went to REI’s outdoor used items sale and found excellent deals. We stood inline for an hour before they opened and went in and just grabbed everything in sight and then sorted it out, I got some great deals!

For lunch we had So Cal’s famous Wahoo’s and then headed south to Balboa Park for “December Nights.”

It was a fun filled day! Tons to see, all museums were free from 5-9 so we ran through all of them. My favorite was the photography of ethnic history or something like that. We then ended the night with a huge bag of Kettle Corn...Yum!

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